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Changing Stories Changing Lives

what is my wildest?

My Wildest is a multicultural and multimedia approach to creativity, the result of two decades of global travels, academic research, esoteric studies, performance theory and practice, and deep self-reflection. My hybrid performances, lectures, courses, workshops and private mentoring share one goal: to transform violence through creativity, and use esoteric knowledge from various cultures to improve the lives of individuals and societies.


Dr.B, Founder


I created My Wildest in 2019. 

This is a style of work and performance method that blends arts, culture, esoteric knowledge, and deep self-reflection.  

My performances, lectures and classes are hybrid forms of learning and creative expression. I work with movement, voice, writing, photography, astrology, tantra and nada yoga, and the study of languages. 

I perform, teach, mentor and lecture. 

The goal of my work is to 

transform violence through creativity, and to apply esoteric knowledge towards the improvement of the human species,


Knowing by feeling: allow the breath to move your body and tell you where and how it wants to release, stretch, and rejuvenate.

DR.B'S TEDx Talk

Reimagine Failure: Breathe, Belong, Believe (2018)