My Wildest

Wholistic communication

Laura Sangeeta "Dr.B" Biagi, Ph.D.

Coach, Storytelling & Public Speaking

Senior Yogacharini, Nada and Raja Yoga



As human beings, we are constantly balancing the pull of our animalistic drives with the push to actualize our desire to grow and evolve. I help people overcome the fear of failure and mortality, embrace change, and become comfortable presenting themselves to the world. My Wildest is a method that brings together the practice and philosophies of nada and raja yoga, zen-inspired mindfulness, free-writing, vocal and movement awareness, and performance studies. I create: PERFORMANCES that inspire the audience to feel and think, TALKS to inspire and provoke, and private and group WORKSHOPS and CLASSES to guide people into a journey of self-discovery and learn how to present themselves to the world.

MY ted talk (2018)